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Troy Goodson

<x-flowed>>On 6/12/2001 at 7:55 AM -0700, Troy Goodson wrote:

>>I'm not associated with Catchy Software, but I think Autocompleter
>>can be a good TeX tool so it's worth mentioning on this list.  It's
>>a Service, so it works with Cocoa applications like TeXShop.  As
>>you might expect from its name, it adds autocompletion to any Cocoa
>>text editor.
>I've thought about this. I haven't installed it, but it does sound
>like it could be useful. Have you installed it and have you used it
>in TeXShop? If so, would it be possible to create a glossary of
>LaTeX "templates" for using in TeXShop?

 From what I see so far, and I just installed it today, you can make
such templates.  You simply type whatever you want it to call it,
then press tab and your template appears.

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