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<x-flowed>Hi. I have been having problems printing my pdf's generated with the
teTeX package (I use TeXShop as the text editor).

The main issue is that it embeds fonts incorrectly: to print I have to
print as image.
To illustrate; I converted the pdf to a .ps file (with acrobat), then
ran it through MacGhostView to see how it would handle itself. I got
these errors:

Can't find (or can't open) font file /Resource/Font/XKTXMZ_VJBBKP+CMTI10.
Can't find (or can't open) font file XKTXMZ_VJBBKP+CMTI10.

and so on.

Then it shows the exact same kind of text that would be shown if I
printed normally, lots of
misspaced Courier text.

I haven't tried printing through Preview, because I don't own a printer;
I use my college's printers.
Opening it in Acrobat, and looking at the fonts; they are type 1 (good),
encoding custom (ok, I guess), Used Font as Embedded Subset (fine).

So I guess the fonts aren't being embedded correctly in the pdf. How can
I fix this so I can print anywhere without issues?

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