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Charles Bouldin

<x-flowed>Let me be the first(?) to give kudos for TeXShop 1.1. The addition of
typsetting to a dvi file and the INCLUSION OF EPS GRAPHICS FILES is
fantastic. The new installer works very well, although I had some
initial troubles installing 1.1, I think because I had done something
wrong with the previous terminal-based installation. I finally just
deleted everything I could find that had anything to do with teTeX;
after that I reinstalled and it all worked fine.

The best changes from my few minutes of use: (1) espfig works! The
preview is gorgeous, much better than the .pict preview that I was
used to with Textures. Since the preview is a ps2pdf translation, the
figures scale with the preview size just as well as the text. If you
use color, it's there. The eps graphics just work great. (2) there is
a new "clicker" for changing the size of the typeset window preview
in 10% increments. Much faster than typing in a value.

A few suggestions for the 1.2 version: (1) Add buttons in the preview
window for "first" and "last" in addition to the existing
previous/next buttons. (2) Holding down a modifier key (shift?)
should change the preview magnification in steps of (say) 50% instead
of the 10% steps. This would give a fast zoom capability, in addition
to the finer zoom we have now. (3) This one is more complex. The
previous/next buttons just move you back/forth between the SAME
POSITION on two consecutive pages. This is almost never what you want
when you are reading a document. The "next" button should take you to
the TOP of the next page, while the "previous" button should take you
back to the bottom of the previous page. In short, the buttons should
move you around in the same way you READ a document. (Old timers will
recall that this was quite controversial in the Textures preview
window, and ultimately resolved by making the preview window into a
single large linked scrolling page of typeset pages. That's the best
way to do it, I think, but probably more work.)

Anyway, TeXShop just took a big leap, IMHO, and is looking better all the time.

Chuck Bouldin

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