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Nitecki, Zbigniew H.
The command \tableofcontents in the article document class generates a list in which all entries (whether for section, subsection, etc) are lined up flush left.
There is some information on pp. 50-52 of the Latex Companion explaining how to reformat this, but I am loathe to mess with this kind of metadata, especially when I haven’t absorbed what all the parts mean; besides, this section doesn’t explain (at least not to me) where and how the commands like 
\l@section are placed (and I presume if I am specifying, then it is \renewcommand, not \newcommand?).  

Is there an option, either in the documentclass specification or in the \tableofcontents command, which automatically tells the table of contents to print various levels of sectioning at varying indentations (I don’t need to specify them myself)?

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