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Nitecki, Zbigniew H.
These may be an OS questions rather than TeXShop ones, but those in the know can probably answer them quickly:

1. I keep getting frustrated by the fact that when I hit “go to error“ in the TeX console, if the error is inside a list then all I get is the “end{<lis>} line.
This is OK if the list is short and the items are short, but not when either is longer.  Is there a way around this problem, or is it inherent in the way
the search is set up?

2. I also keep getting frustrated, when I use command-F to search for something, that the highlight color is a shade of gray that fails to stand out well
against the text—I often can’t locate it visually.  Is there a way to set the color to be different (for example, to not immediately shift from yellow to gray
when an item is found)?  I did manage to get the matching of parentheses and braces to show up in red, which is a much better color, and now I can’t remember how I managed that.


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