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Murray Eisenberg
Somebody on this list included in an answer to somebody else’s question the recommendation to use


along with (i) a corresponding \jobname.xmpdata file; (ii) appropriate \hyperrefsetup options, including I believe pdfa (which may be redundant); and
(iii) \pdfglyphtounicode commands to permit validation of math font characters.

That works to allow PDF validation of the pdflatex output, at least in some circumstances.

An alternative would be to use the hyperxmp package along with (i) a suitable \jobname metadata.xmp file and (ii) appropriate \hyperrefsetup options, including:


But to my consternation, this alternative method does NOT validation for the  math fonts in the way.

Any idea how to make tis alternative way work?

Please see the example that I posted at (along with the “related” links I included there).


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