varioref produces "unstable" text passages

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varioref produces "unstable" text passages

Martin Girschick
I guess, this is partly off-topic and rather a generic LaTeX
question, sorry for that...

I've started using varioref to get relative references for figures
(it automatically produces "Figure X.Y on the following page", etc.)
Although this is quite nice, it seems to be buggy. I've seen several
times the effect that subsequent TeX builds produce alternatively
"...on the previous page" and "...on page XY", where the first text
is wrong.

Is this a known problem or related to other used packages? If it's
not that obvious, I'll try to produce a minimal test case. I've
already noticed, that hyperref needs to be after varioref, because
otherwise PDF bookmarks get mixed up.

Cheers and thanks in advance,


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Re: varioref produces "unstable" text passages

Varioref produces unstable output in a one-sided document.
I use \documentclass[doc]{apa6} which is supposed to be single sided and one column.
Varioref treats it as a two-sided document with \reftextface...macros.
The workaround I found was \setboolean{@twoside}{false}
(NB varioref includes package {ifthen})
It solved my problem.

The source of the problem I cannot detect
it is either documentclass not setting @twoside to false or setting it true
or some other package is touching @twoside in the wrong way.

Note that I use a document a template in line with longsample.tex for apa documents

The work around is already a great relief